Nice to meet you

Hi there, I’m Aravind


Design & Business

Currently designing thoughtful experiences & interfaces for products at Cumulations, Bangalore.

Oustide my full time commitments, I work as freelancer helping in UI Design, Graphic Design and Web Development.

I’m passionate about building & designing delightful experiences with the combination of business, marketing and UX/UI design to make customers and users satisfied when they’re using products and services online.

Apart from design, I run a blog site Strive Toward Success. Where I provide free income tips and business ideas providing to people at the value of $0.00 per post.

Background Story

Following my passion

Designing has always been my passion and hobby since my early childhood. Although I did Engineering in Electronics and Communication field, my curiosity towards learning design never stopped.

This curiosity helped me to improve my design skills year to year. I’m still learning day by day to ensure that I provide modern and creative design solutions. I believe in working hard instead of finding hacks and shortcuts.

I also love sharing my knowledge to help others grow and succeed in their life

Why Design?

Making things simple

Being a tech enthusiast, I research deep into upcoming trends in technology. As a designer, I have a special opportunity to make these complex process a simple and easy to use every day.

Design spreads all emotions without having to speak. This why I love creating creative designs, which makes both the creators and customers happy.

In case you would like to know more about me, my work or have any questions, feel free to send an email anytime.